1Operation Carré Vert

Territoire Kogi

The aim of the project is to buy and return plots of land, in order to enable the Kogi indians to recreate their villages, and preserve an entire valley. To date, thanks to the help of our donors, 18 plots of land (1500 ha) have been returned to the Kogi community.

Through the Operation Carré Vert, Tchendukua raises funds in order to help the inhabitants of the Sierra Nevada to return to their ancestral homelands, essential for the preservation of their culture and the transmission of their ancestral knowledge.

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“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore” Mark TWAIN

1000 Carrés Verts (15 X 15 cm, numbered from 1 to 1000) have been printed for distribution and sale. Each square is put on sale at a minimum price of 40 euros, which represents 500m² of land acquired.

The sale of 1000 Carrés Verts, generating 40 000 €, enables the restitution of 50 hectares of ancestral land.

Carrés Verts can be bought via the website, by phone, by post, for you, for your childred, for a loved one…

Operation Carré Vert
Tchendukua – Ici et Ailleurs – France
11 rue de la Jarry
Tel.: 33 (0)1 43 65 07 00
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2Land returned

Project update

18 plots of land have already been acquired thanks to your generosity. Lets keep on working together in order to help preserve their way of life and the land for which they consider themselves to be the guardians.

For the Kogis, the loss of their land means the end of their culture; for us it’s the loss of an irreplaceable source of memory and ancestral knowledge.


Lands that have been returned :