The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – a biodiversity hotspot !

Sierra de Santa Marta

A mountainous pyramid surrounded by sea and desert, the Sierra Nevada range was formed even earlier than the Andes. The unique geology of the range has made it a wildlife haven, harbouring numerous endemic species.

The range plays a key role in supplying water to the 1.2 million inhabitants who live in the surrounding area. However, deforestation has lead to the destruction of 72 % of the Sierra’s primary forest.

The Sierra is also a biodiversity hotspot, with 35 % of national bird species, as well as 7 % of all living species on the planet. Numerous species are in danger of extinction due to climate change, deforestation and animal trafficking.


Reforestation and biodiversity preservation

Sauvegarde de la biodiversité

Tchendukua works in close collaboration with the indigenous population of the Sierra, developping reforestation and biodiversity programmes, based upon the Kogis ancestral knowledge, allowing the recuperation of vast surfaces of tropical forest, as well as the preservation of existing forest zones.

Developed and implemented with the Kogi indians, the programmes enable the reconstitution of zones of particularly damaged tropical forest, as well as the preservation of an agro-forestry heritage and community know-how.



Endemic species preservation

Préservation d'espèces endémiques

Sauvegarde de la biodiversité

Réintroduction des animaux en milieu naturel


Help us protect 7 extremely endangered species, through a programme in association with the Nativa Foundation.

Project objectives

  • Recuperation, via the colombian customs and police, of exotic animals captured for animal trafficking
  • Renovation of a nature reserve dedicated to exotic animals, as well as the development of educational and tourist activity
  • Reintroduction of animals into their natural habitat, on the land restituted to the Kogi indians

Project status

  • 2 year project
  • Start date – February 2013
  • Budget – 140 000 €
  • Project in partnership with the Nativa Foundation:

The 7 endangered species

Project financing

Tchendukua is currently working to finance this project