Founded in France in October 1997, the Tchendukua – Ici et Ailleurs association unites those who wish to preserve and embody a way of life founded on respect and harmony.

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Project origin

Eric Julien

The Tchendukua – Ici et Ailleurs initiative was started by French geographer Eric Julien. 

Having been saved from a pulmonary embolism by the Kogi while exploring their territory, he became determined to help them reclaim their land.  Without this land, cut off from their roots, the Kogi become drifters, “dead people”. 

In the words of Eric Julien, enabling the Kogi to preserve their differences is to be enriched by their view of the world, as life originates in the variety of human encounters and not in the rejection of difference.

In 1997 he founded the Tchendukua – Ici et Ailleurs association.  In February 1998 a first piece of land of 50 hectares was acquired, a second of 70 hectares in April 1999, a third of 50 hectares in May 2000 and finally a fourth of 60 hectares in December 2000.

Present in France since October 1997, in Switzerland since September 1999 and in Canada since December 2000, the Tchendukua – Ici et Ailleurs association continues to develop projects alongside the Kogi indians.

In April 1999, thanks to the support of Pierre Richard, who both acted in and produced it, a first 52 minute documentary was made (France 3/Fidéline Films/GM Productions – Director: Gilles Combet).  This was awarded a prize at the Autrans – Montagne et Aventure International Film Festival. 

Through Eric Julien’s story, this documentary allowed viewers to discover the Kogi and to follow them as they reclaimed the first pieces of land restored to them by the Tchendukua association.  In November 2000 Pierre Richard became honorary president of the association – his way of realizing his passion for the cause of “first peoples”.



Vincennes office

  • Jacqueline BAC: Management, accounts, administration, donor/member relations
  • Edith ANSART: Administration, conferences, donor/member relations
  • Madeleine DELLA ROVERE: Administration,donor/member relations
  • Eymeric BRUNET-LECOMTE: Management, partnerships, project management

Die office

  • Muriel FIFILS: Press relations, publications, educational projects
  • Eric JULIEN: Founder, Colombia relation, institutional relations

Board of directors

  • Jean-Pierre CHOMETON : Chairman
  • Marie-Hélène STRAUS : Vice-chairman
  • Franck Le PRIOL : Vice-chairman
  • René-Charles MILLET : Treasurer
  • Edith ANSART : Secretary
  • Etienne BOESPFLUG
  • Jacques CLERISSI
  • François COLOMBO
  • Jean-Louis CROUAN
  • Philippe BRULOIS
  • Florence BULTE
  • Didier Hilar